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Mercy Ships Deck Officers

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Mercy Ships is reaching out to Chief Officers, Second Officers and Third Officer volunteers, with needs at Shipyard in Las Palmas and Sail to Guinea. . The Africa Mercy will be departing Douala Cameroon on 3 June, arrive in Las Palmas on 16 June for Maintenance. Depart Las Palmas on 6 August for our next field service in Guinea. Financial Assistance is available and additional training, if needed. Come join us in supporting the Africa Mercy Hospital Ship delivering the highest quality care to individuals who otherwise would have little access to medical services in Africa.

Third Officer:

8 July – 2 September or 11 November for 3 months or longer if available

Second Officer

21 October for 3 months or longer if available

Chief Officer

21 May through Shipyard 

As the largest non-government hospital ship in the world, Mercy Ships vessel the m/v Africa Mercy is a most unique platform to bring modern standard health care to the forgotten poor of Africa. The ship and her crew are a wonderful community and small town. In addition to the hospital, the ship contains living space for the crew, a library, general store, bank, post-office, internet cafe, and even a Starbucks. There are opportunities during off time to experience the great culture of Africa through formal programs and leisure activities. 

  If you are or know someone who would be interested please contact Craig Sharver at:

wrt_to=craig.sharver@mercyships.org" target="_parent" style="color: rgb(102, 102, 102);">craig.sharver@mercyships.org or 903-939-7058 or Cell: 903-330-5422



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